Canadian Wonder Tales

by Cyrus MacMillan Author

The author's method resembles that followed by the Brothers Grimm a century ago. He has taken down from the lips of living people, pretty much as they were given to him, a series of stories which obviously contain many elements that have been handed down by oral tradition from some far-off past. They are mostly animal stories, with all the usual features of magic and transformation, articulate speech on the part of the animals, and interchange of more or less kindly offices between man and beast. The result is a collection of fables which—especially as illustrated by an eminent artist—will provide a very acceptable Christmas book for children, and will give their elders also some food for reflection.


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Suggested Grades
1st - 3rd
Geographical Setting


  • 1 The Baker's Magic Wand
  • 2 Star-Boy and the Sun Dance
  • 3 Jack and His Magic Aids
  • 4 The Bad Indian's Ashes
  • 5 The Mermaid of the Magdalenes
  • 6 The Boy and the Dancing Fairy
  • 7 The Mouse and the Sun
  • 8 Glooskap's Country
  • 9 How Rabbit Lost His Tail
  • 10 The Partridge and His Drum
  • 11 How Summer Came to Canada
  • 12 How Turtle Came
  • 13 The First Mosquito
  • 14 The Moon and His Frog-Wife
  • 15 Glooskap and the Fairy
  • 16 The Passing of Glooskap
  • 17 The Indian Cinderella
  • 18 The Boy and His Three Helpers
  • 19 The Duck with the Red Feet
  • 20 The Northern Lights
  • 21 The Boy and the Robbers' Magical Booty
  • 22 The Coming of the Corn
  • 23 The Dance of Death
  • 24 The First Pig and Porcupine
  • 25 The Shrove Tuesday Visitor
  • 26 The Boy of Great Strength and the Giants
  • 27 The Strange Tale of Caribou and Moose
  • 28 Jack and His Wonderful Hen
  • 29 The Sad Tale of Woodpecker and Bluejay
  • 30 The Stupid Boy and the Wand
  • 31 The Blackfoot and the Bear
  • 32 The Boys and the Giant

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