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  • 1 Finding the Story in Scripture
  • 2 The Early World Part I: God Creates Our First Parents
  • 3 The Early World Part II: God's Family Grows
  • 4 Patriarchs Part I: God Chooses Abraham to Become the Father of Many
  • 5 Patriarchs Part II: God Blesses Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph
  • 6 Egypt and Exodus Part I: God Delivers the Israelites from Egyptian Slavery
  • 7 Egypt and Exodus Part II: God Forms the Israelite Nation
  • 8 Desert Wanderings: The Israelites Follow God in the Desert
  • 9 Conquest and Judges Part I: The Israelites Enter the Promised Land
  • 10 Conquest and Judges Part II: The Judges Lead the Israelite Tribes
  • 11 Royal Kingdom Part I: The Israelites Ask for a King
  • 12 Royal Kingdom Part II: God Builds a House Through David and Solomon
  • 13 Divided Kingdom Part I: The Kingdom of Israel Divides: Events of the Northern Kingdom of Israel
  • 14 Divided Kingdom Part II: The Kingdom of Israel and Judah Are Conquered: Events of the Southern Kingdom of Judah
  • 15 Exile: The Exiles Mourn Over Jerusalem
  • 16 Return: The Exiles Return to Jerusalem
  • 17 Maccabean Revolt: The Maccabees Defend the Faith
  • 18 Messianic Fulfillment Part I: Jesus, Son of God, is Born of Mary
  • 19 Messianic Fulfillment Part II: Jesus Teaches About the Kingdom of God
  • 20 Messianic Fulfillment Part III: Jesus Establishes the New Covenant
  • 21 The Church Part I: The Holy Spirit Ignites the Church
  • 22 The Church Part II: The Apostles Spread the Gospel
  • 23 The Church Part III: All Are Welcome in the Church
  • 24 The Church Part IV: The Kingdom of God is Eternal

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