The Journey of Little Charlie [SCM]

by Christopher Paul Curtis Author

Twelve-year-old Charlie's family are sharecroppers. When his father dies and leaves the family in debt, Charlie finds himself accompanying Cap'n Buck to track down some fugitives who are living up north. But when Charlie discovers that Cap'n Buck's real purpose is to capture three escaped slaves, Charlie faces the biggest decision of his life. Written in dialect, this book would be a good accompaniment to studying the the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Parent Notes: Some descriptions may be disturbing for sensitive students. Nearly all of the characters in the story refer to the Bible and Jesus in various expressions, not swearing but not always reverent either. This book offers a good opportunity to discuss how some people can read the Bible but not repent or be transformed by it.

Additional Details

Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
7th - 9th
Geographical Setting
South Carolina, Michigan, Canada
Historical Setting
1850 - 1860
Scholastic Press


  • 1 The Best Critter God Made
  • 2 Time the Trickster
  • 3 Snared!
  • 4 Wiggling out the Noose
  • 5 The Apocky-Lips Come A-Knocking
  • 6 Bit, Chawed On, Swallowed, and Spit Back Out
  • 7 The Education of Little Charlie Bobo
  • 8 Into Dee-troit
  • 9 The Informer
  • 10 Catching the Thieves!
  • 11 Savages
  • 12 Fixing to Go to Canada
  • 13 The Big Cleanup
  • 14 Canada
  • 15 Cat-Hauling
  • 16 The Kidnapping of Sylvanus Demarest
  • 17 Lifting the Wool
  • 18 Folk in Canada Ain't Right
  • 19 Dee-troit, One Week Later
  • 20 Never Looking Back
  • Epilogue

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