Heroes in Black History [SCM]

by Dave Jackson Author, Dave and Neta Jackson Author

Presents stories from the lives of 14 influential Christians from black history who worked courageously to spread the gospel and affect social change. For each person, a short biography is given along with three short stories from his or her life that emphasize character traits. Scripture and discussion questions are included for each story. Includes Harriet Tubman, Samuel Morris, Amanda Smith, Charles Albert Tindley, George Washington Carver, William Seymour, Mary McLeod Bethune, Thomas A. Dorsey, Eliza Davis George, Martin Luther King, John Perkins, Festo Kivengere, Ricky and Sherialyn Byrdsong, Ben Carson.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 6th
Geographical Setting
United States, Africa
Historical Setting
1820 - 2008
Bethany House


  • 1 Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad
  • 2 Samuel Morris: Evangelist From Africa
  • 3 Amanda Smith: American Evangelist to the World
  • 4 Charles Albert Tindley: Prince of Preachers
  • 5 George Washington Carver: The Man Who Saved the South from Poverty
  • 6 William Seymour: "Father" of Modern Pentecostals
  • 7 Mary McLeod Bethune: Teacher of Head, Hands, and Heart
  • 8 Thomas A. Dorsey: The Father of Gospel Music
  • 9 Eliza Davis George: Liberia's American "Mother"
  • 10 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil Rights Leader
  • 11 John Perkins: A Man Hate Couldn't Stop
  • 12 Festo Kivengere: Africa's Apostle of Love
  • 13 Ricky and Sherialyn Byrdsong: Coaching Kids in the Game of Life
  • 14 Ben Carson: The Brain Surgeon They Called "Dummy"

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