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Here’s what you’ll learn with a typical Babbel Spanish lesson. How To Have Real Conversations Unlike many other language apps, Babbel works so well as a language learning tool by immersing you in the types of dialogues you’d have in real life, right from the very first lesson. Whether it’s ordering at a restaurant in Mexico City, booking a hotel room in Madrid or making a new friend in Montevideo, Babbel will help you practice having the types of actual conversations you’d have with native speakers in the Spanish-speaking world. The core of Babbel’s method is real-life conversation. Our goal is for learners to have a Spanish conversation right from the start, so our Spanish lessons are built around realistic dialogues. Each Babbel Spanish lesson has a learning objective, something that you’re able to do after finishing the lesson — to “talk about last weekend,” for example. The Spanish grammar and vocabulary you need to fulfill the learning goal are taught in context. This means that to be able to talk about last weekend, you need to learn how to form the past tense as well as pick up vocabulary for hobbies and activities. Vocabulary And Grammar Lessons The Spanish vocabulary and the Spanish grammar you’re practicing are repeated in intervals so that you can learn them and lock them in. And they appear in varying ways throughout the lesson, always in a real-life context. You’ll practice speaking (with our speech recognition software), listening and reading comprehension, and translating. The Review feature brings back information you’ve been learning when you’re most at risk of forgetting it, ensuring that it gets committed to your long-term memory. Culture And Practical Information Babbel also teaches you relevant information about culture and practical Spanish language use. When do you use the formal address with someone you’re speaking to? Is a particular word considered slang, or can you use it with the taxi driver? Should you tip the waitstaff in a certain Spanish-speaking country? What are the most common mistakes American learners make in Spanish? The creators of Babbel Spanish lessons know that learning a language is a holistic process that isn’t just about words and terms; it’s about how the language works in cultural contexts.


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