Spanish Songs for Children Learning Spanish

by Susie Tallman Creator

(From Amazon) Tallman’s latest album, Spanish Songs for Children Learning Spanish, breaks new ground in her delightful repertoire of children’s music enjoyed by the entire family. Twenty brand new sizzling tracks inspired by Latin-based cultures around the globe are sure to entertain new Spanish language learners. Easy-to-sing songs not only train the ear to recognize Spanish phonetics and basic vocabulary, but also encourage a relaxed and joyful approach to practicing foreign language.

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Rock Me Baby Records
April 15, 2019


  • 1 Que Llueva
  • 2 Los Elefantes
  • 3 Mama Yo Quiero
  • 4 Me Gusta Tu Cara
  • 5 La Tia Monica
  • 6 La Bamba
  • 7 Pimpon
  • 8 El Alfabeto
  • 9 Bate, Bate Chocolate
  • 10 San Severino
  • 11 Cancion de Color
  • 12 Arroz Con Leche
  • 13 Doce Meses
  • 14 De Colores
  • 15 Dias de la Semana
  • 16 Flamenco
  • 17 Buenos Dias
  • 18 La Cucaracha
  • 19 Una Rata Vieja
  • 20 Guantanamera

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