Over and under the pond

by Kate Messner Author

Amazon: In Over and Under the Pond, readers will discover the plants and animals that make up the rich, interconnected ecosystem of a mountain pond. Over the pond, the water is a mirror, reflecting the sky. But under the water is a hidden world of creatures—minnows darting, beavers diving, and tadpoles growing. These secrets and many others are waiting to be discovered over and under the pond in this sweet children’s book from Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal, the latest in their beloved series that offers kids a peek into hidden ecosystems. ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL: Stunning illustrations paired with an easy-to-follow storyline make this a great read for any early elementary school student, while a glossary of animals that live in, near, and around the mountain pond enriches the reading experience. INSPIRES A LOVE A NATURE: Offering a look inside a beautiful underwater ecosystem, this gorgeously illustrated book encourages children to explore the world around them and appreciate the natural wonders they discover. A FIVE-STAR FAVORITE OF READERS & REVIEWERS: "Playful and lovely to read aloud. Even older budding naturalists will find something to enjoy here."—School Library Journal; "A contemplative journey through an ecosystem."—USA Today Perfect for: A great read-aloud book for home or school Parents looking for enchanting bedtime reads or nature books for kids Fans of books like A Different Pond, An Egg Is Quiet, Because of an Acorn, and Over and Under the Rainforest and others in the Over and Under series Any kid who loves picture books about science, nature, or animals

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