Marco Polo

by George Makepeace Towle Author

Amazon: This edition is presented complete and unabridged, with larger text for easier reading by younger readers, and all the original illustrations and decorations.“I have attempted to transform the somewhat dry and monotonous translation of this narrative into an entertaining story, that may engage the attention and the interest of my young readers; for which it certainly presents ample opportunities. If the task is properly done, no one can fail to follow Marco Polo from his Venetian home, across the entire continent of Asia to the court of Kublai Khan, and in his various adventures and journeys while in the far-off Orient, without eager curiosity and ever-deepening interest. The central figure of the story is heroic, for Marco Polo was in all things manly, brave, persevering, intelligent, and chivalrous; and the scenes and incidents in which he was the leading actor were in the highest degree thrilling and dramatic.”-From the Preface by the Author.


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Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 4th
Living Book Press
Apr 08, 2018


  • 1 Return of the Wanderers
  • 2 Marco Polo's Youth
  • 3 Marco Polo Sets Forth
  • 4 Marco Polo's Travels in Persia and Turkistan
  • 5 Marco Polo Reaches Cathay
  • 6 The Imperial Hunting Grounds
  • 7 The Court of the Great Khan
  • 8 Marco Polo Among the Tartans
  • 9 Marco Polo's Travels in Cathay
  • 10 Marco Polo's Return
  • 11 Marco Polo in the Eastern Seas
  • 12 Marco Polo Among the Hindoos
  • 13 Marco Polo in Africa
  • 14 Homeward Bound
  • 15 A Strange Welcome
  • 16 Marco Polo Goes to the Wars
  • 17 Marco Polo a Prisoner
  • 18 Last Days of Marco Polo

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