The Lost Prince

by Frances Hodgson Burnett Author

Marco and a street urchin, known as The Rat, help Marco's father bring about a revolution in Samavia and re-establish the rightful king.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 9th
Geographical Setting
England, Russia


  • 1 The New Lodgers at No. 7 Philibert Place
  • 2 A Young Citizen of the World
  • 3 The Legend of the Lost Prince
  • 4 The Rat
  • 5 'Silence is Still the Order'
  • 6 The Drill and the Secret Party
  • 7 'The Lamp is Lighted!'
  • 8 An Exciting Game
  • 9 'It is not a Game'
  • 10 The Rat - and Samavia
  • 11 'Come With Me'
  • 12 'Only Two Boys'
  • 13 Loristan Attends a Drill of the Squad
  • 14 Marco does not Answer
  • 15 A Sound in a Dream
  • 16 The Rat to the Rescue
  • 17 'It is a very Bad Sign'
  • 18 'Cities and Faces'
  • 19 'That is One!'
  • 20 Marco Goes to the Opera
  • 21 'Help!'
  • 22 A Night Vigil
  • 23 The Silver Horn
  • 24 'How Shall we Find Him?'
  • 25 A Voice in the Night
  • 26 Across the Frontier
  • 27 'It is the Lost Prince. It is Ivor!'
  • 28 'Extra! Extra! Extra!'
  • 29 'Twixt Night and Morning
  • 30 The Game is at an End
  • 31 His Majesty Awaits You!

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Wonderful but Disappointing

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

From the very beginning this book's wonderful plot and writing style pulled me in. I was delighted . . . until I reached the descriptions of Buddhist philosophy. How disappointing to read of the main characters' desires to follow those ideas! The rest of the book is so well-written and inviting. Be careful of allowing your younger children to read this story independently. Read it together, if you think it should be introduced to your child, and be sure to discuss the Buddhism that is obvious in the story line.

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