How To Decorate Your Home With Plastic Canvas

by Leisure Arts Author

Life Skill: Students can learn to make their own boxes or baskets or decorations for serving their specific needs or purpose by choosing projects in a way that will improve their life, keeping in alignment with Charlotte Mason's methods of choosing skills that will benefit the student in some way in life. Do they need a way to organize something? Do they need a new avenue of creativity for more treasurable gift-giving? Do they need ideas for decorating their own space? Once they learn the basics of plastic canvasing, they can meet their own needs by making some of those things themselves with the added benefit of choosing a design they love! (Also a great introduction to needlework of any kind for little ones!) From the book: What better way to add distinctive decorative touches to your house than with plastic canvas! Without a doubt, there's not another craft as versatile and unique. In "How to Decorate Your Home with Plastic Canvas," you'll find an abundance of projects to adorn your walls, bedrooms, bathrooms, tables, doors, and every nook and cranny! More than 65 projects await your creative talents, along with helpful decorating tips. You'll love the charming accents -- welcoming wreaths, beautiful baskets, pretty picture frames, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Gather your supplies and indulge yourself with these sensational stitching projects! Scheduled for 2x/week for 12 weeks.

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Early Years - 12th
Leisure Arts, Inc.


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