The Astronomy Book [SCM]

by Jonathan Henry Author

A succinct, interesting description of our universe from a Creation perspective; includes a pull-out color poster.

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Suggested Grades
7th - 8th
Master Books


  • 1 What Is Astronomy?
  • What Do Astronomers Study?
  • 2 How Big Is the Universe?
  • Some Cosmic Distances
  • Will Atronomers Ever See the Edge of the Universe?
  • Are There Other Universes?
  • Solar System and Universe Facts
  • 3 The Origin of the Universe
  • When Did God Make Moons and Planets?
  • Is the Solar System in the Bible?
  • Was There a Big Bang?
  • The Importance of the Biblical Record
  • Is the Universe Expanding?
  • 4 Watching the Sky
  • Eclipses of the Sun
  • Eclipses of the Moon
  • Using a Telescope
  • 5 Why Did God Create the Heavenly Bodies?
  • Calendars
  • Modern Time-Telling
  • What Are Constellations?
  • How Are Constellations Related to Astrology?
  • How Do Astronomers Use the Constellations?
  • Learning More About the Constellations
  • 6 Space Exploration
  • Early Rockets
  • The Space Age
  • The First Moon Landing
  • The Modern Space Program
  • Unmanned Missions
  • What Has the Space Program Taught Us?
  • Space Highlights
  • 7 A Tour of the Solar System
  • The Earth Not Just Another Planet
  • Why Did God Make Other Planets?
  • The Moon: A Special Satellite
  • The Origin of the Moon
  • How Old Is the Moon?
  • The Sun, a Light-Giver
  • The Sun: Not Just Another Star
  • Where Does the Sun Get Its Heat?
  • How Old Is the Sun?
  • The Nebular Hypothesis: A False Idea
  • Mercury and Venus
  • Mars: Not a Life-Supporting Planet
  • Jupiter and Saturn
  • Uranus and Neptune
  • Pluto
  • 8 Stars and Galaxies
  • What Are Stars Made Of?
  • Stars Are Not All the Same
  • Do Black Holes Exist?
  • The Closest Galaxies
  • Seeing Distant Objects in a Young Universe
  • Look-Back Time
  • 9 Cosmic Catastrophes
  • Star Death
  • The Death of the Sun
  • Supernova Remnants
  • The Myth of Star Birth
  • 10 Catastrophes in the Solar System
  • Did Moons Really Explode?
  • What Are Asteroids? Where Did They Come From?
  • Did a Planet Really Explode?
  • Martian Catastrophes
  • The Martian Flood
  • What Caused These Catastrophes? When Were They?
  • Comets
  • The Age of Comets
  • Meteor Showers
  • Big Meteor Craters
  • Did An Asteroid or Meteor Kill the Dinosaurs?
  • Big Meteorites
  • People Have Seen Big Meteors Land
  • 11 Are There Other Planets in Other Solar Systems?
  • Why Do Some Astronomers Believe There Are Other Solar Systems?
  • Is There Extraterrestrial Life?
  • What Is Life?
  • What Are UFO's?

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