The Witch of Blackbird Pond [SCM]

by Elizabeth George Speare Author

(From Amazon): Kit Tyler is marked by suspicion and disapproval from the moment she arrives on the unfamiliar shores of colonial Connecticut in 1687. Alone and desperate, she has been forced to leave her beloved home on the island of Barbados and join a family she has never met. Torn between her quest for belonging and her desire to be true to herself, Kit struggles to survive in a hostile place. Just when it seems she must give up, she finds a kindred spirit. But Kit’s friendship with Hannah Tupper, believed by the colonists to be a witch, proves more taboo than she could have imagined and ultimately forces Kit to choose between her heart and her duty.Elizabeth George Speare’s Newbery Award–winning novel portrays a heroine whom readers will admire for her unwavering sense of truth as well as her infinite capacity to love.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
5th - 12th
Geographical Setting
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1687 - 1687
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Wonderful book

Reviewed by Student Over Age 12

Kit Tyler has left her house in Barbados and has come to live with her aunt’s family in colonial Connecticut. But everything seems so different that Kit, unaccustomed to the strict Puritanical lifestyle, can’t seem to do anything right. Soon, however, she finds a friend in Hannah Tupper, a sweet old Quaker woman, whom everyone believes to be a witch, living by herself near Blackbird Pond. But if Kit’s friendship with Hannah is discovered, she will never be accepted by the colonists. She must decide between her duty, and what her heart tells her.

This is a wonderful book full of love, anger, rejection, fear, sadness, and relief. It’s also fascinating to see how the colonists lived. Once you start this book, you’ll have a hard time putting it down until you’ve finished. All that to say, I can’t decide which of Elizabeth George Speare’s I like the most: The Bronze Bow or The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

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