Our Mother Tongue: An Introductory Guide to English Grammar

by Nancy Wilson Author

The major concepts of English grammar for late elementary and older students. Wilson uses many selections from Scripture and great English writers to help students learn through their content, style, and structure. Key definitions, punctuation issues, important concepts, and short historical sidebars tell the fascinating story of the development of English. Includes sentence diagramming and emphasizes a Christian worldview. Many of the exercises can be done orally. Answer key is available.

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Suggested Grades
5th - 12th
Canon Press


  • 1 Nouns
  • 2 Verbs
  • 3 Adjectives
  • 4 Adverbs
  • 5 Pronouns
  • 6 Prepositions
  • 7 Conjunctions
  • 8 Interjections
  • 9 Review
  • 10 Kinds of Sentences
  • 11 The Subject
  • 12 The Predicate
  • 13 The Subject Modified by an Adjective
  • 14 The Subject Modified by a Possessive Noun
  • 15 The Subject Modified by an Appositive
  • 16 The Subject Modified by an Adjective Phrase
  • 17 The Subject Modified by an Adjective Clause
  • 18 The Predicate Modified by an Adverb
  • 19 The Predicate Modified by an Adverb Phrase
  • 20 The Predicate Modified by an Adverb Clause
  • 21 The Predicate with a Direct Object
  • 22 The Predicate with an Indirect Object
  • 23 The Predicate with a Predicate Nominative
  • 24 The Predicate with a Predicate Adjective
  • 25 The Noun Clause
  • 26 Sentence Structure
  • 27 Review
  • 28 Types of Nouns
  • 29 Number: Singular and Plural
  • 30 Gender
  • 31 Case: Nominative, Objective, and Possessive
  • 32 The Declension of a Noun
  • 33 The Personal Pronoun: Gender, Person, Number, and Case
  • 34 Who, Whom, and Whose
  • 35 Other Pronouns
  • 36 Pronoun Agreement
  • 37 Review
  • 38 The Principle Parts of a Verb
  • 39 The Conjugation of Verbs
  • 40 Active and Passive Voice
  • 41 Mood
  • 42 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
  • 43 Agreement of Subject and Verb
  • 44 Review
  • 45 Participles
  • 46 Gerunds
  • 47 Infinitives
  • 48 Adjectives and Adverbs, Comparative and Superlative
  • 49 Dangling or Misplaced Modifiers

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A Nice Short Synopsis or Review

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

I was pretty excited when I read the description of this book. I liked that it was from a Christian worldview, that it included notes about the history of the English language, that it included diagramming, and that it used excerpts from classic literature. However, when I actually looked through it, I was a little disappointed -- not terribly disappointed, just a little. It is definitely from a Christian worldview. It does have some interesting notes on the history of the English language. I guess I was expecting more classic excerpts and more diagramming practice. The lessons are succinct and clear, but include only about five to ten sentences to diagram per concept. The classic excerpts are wonderful, but are given in only the first nine lessons.

Overall, this book would make a nice little introduction, supplement, or review; but I wouldn't recommend it for your principal grammar resource.

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