WorldTrek [SCM]

by Russell Fisher Author, Carla Fisher Author

Join this family of four as they take a year off to travel the world. In 376 days and across 50,000 miles, the Fisher Family explored Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Estonia, Russia, The Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India, Thailand, China, Japan, Australia and Rarotonga. Includes trip-planning tips and budget information in the back for those who want to make a trip of their own.

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
Geographical Setting
Texas, Great Britain, Ireland, Europe, Mediterranean, Far East, Australia
Historical Setting
2005 - 2006
Rainbow Books


  • 1 Getting Started -- Great Britain and Ireland
  • 2 Scandinavia and Estonia
  • 3 Russia and The Czech Republic
  • 4 Germany, France, and Italy
  • 5 The Mediterranean: Greece, Turkey, and Egypt
  • 6 India and Thailand
  • 7 China and Japan
  • 8 Australia and Rarotonga

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Typical family on a non-typical trip

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and following Russell, Carla, and their two teen daughters around the globe. Though I didn't endorse everything mentioned in the narrative, the book is quite appropriate for all ages.

For those parents who would like a little more detail, here are the areas I don't endorse:

* The parents on the trip felt free to sample the popular strong drinks of various countries. They don't sensationalize the fact; it does not in any way make up an emphasis of the story. But they do mention these drinks as a matter of course in their narrative.

* Some teenage rebellion is expected by the father, who writes most of the narrative. Again, it is not at all an emphasis or a strong point, but it is in there.

* The family seeks to view and present all world religions as valid in some respects. This book does not at all get into religious debate, but the narrator tries to point out what impressed him about various beliefs and cultures. In other words, the book is not written from a Christian perspective, but is also not anti-Christian in tone.

Having read several travelogues, this one is a refreshing record. The family combined visiting must-see tourist places with getting off the beaten path. They used public transportation whenever possible, in order to better get a feel for the locals; they got a taste of homeschooling; and they grew closer to each other as they broadened their horizons. Get a world map or detailed globe and trace the Fishers route as you read this good book.

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