Voices of the Renaissance and Reformation [SCM]

by Rob Shearer Editor

A collection of primary source documents for the Renaissance and Reformation time period. "A short biography helps us to understand the significance of a historical figure, but if you really want to know them, you must read what they wrote."

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10th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Italy, Germany, Europe, England, Switzerland, Bohemia, Scotland
Historical Setting
1302 - 1547
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  • 1 Petrarch: Autobiography
  • 2 Petrarch: Selected sonnets
  • 3 Lorenzo Valla: On the Forgery of the Alleged Donation of Constantine
  • 4 Lorenzo de' Medici: Letter to his son, Giovanni
  • 5 Savonarola: Excerpts from the Sermons of Advent 1493 and Lent 1494
  • 6 Leonardo da Vinci: Excerpts from his notebooks
  • 7 Michelangelo: Selected poems
  • 8 Machiavelli: Selections from the Prince
  • 9 Erasmus: Preface to Sir Thomas More, from In Praise of Folly
  • 10 John Wyclif: The Condemned Conclusions of John Wycliffe
  • 11 John Wyclif: Reply of John Wycliffe to his Summons by the Pope to come to Rome
  • 12 Jan Hus: Final Declaration, July 1, 1415
  • 13 Martin Luther: Luther's Account of the Reformation
  • 14 Martin Luther: The 95 Theses
  • 15 Martin Luther: Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation
  • 16 Martin Luther: On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church
  • 17 Martin Luther: On the Freedom of a Christian
  • 18 Martin Luther: Preface to the Book of Romans
  • 19 Ulrich Zwingli: The 67 Articles
  • 20 Conrad Grebel: Letters to Thomas Muntzer
  • 21 Michael Sattler: The Schleitheim Confession
  • 22 Michael Sattler: The Trial of Michael Sattler
  • 23 Michael Sattler: A Letter Written by Michael Sattler, in Prison, to the Church of God at Horb
  • 24 William Tyndale: Excerpts from An Answer Unto Sir Thomas More's Dialogue
  • 25 Henry VIII (Thomas Cromwell): Act in Restraint of Appeals
  • 26 Henry VIII (Thomas Cromwell): The Act of Supremacy
  • 27 Thomas More: Last Letter to his daughter Margaret
  • 28 John Calvin: Calvin's Account of his own life and conversion
  • 29 John Calvin: The Geneva Confession
  • 30 John Calvin: Reply to Cardinal Sadoleto
  • 31 John Knox: The History of the Reformation of Scotland

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