Trees: A Guide to Familiar American Trees [SCM]

by Herbert S. Zim Author, Alexander C. Martin Author

A helpful field guide made to fit in your pocket when you go looking for trees. Use for Nature Study.

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In Print
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Early Years - 12th
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North America
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Pocket Guide to Trees

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

I love these small pocket guides that literally fit in your pocket, purse or bookbag without taking up any space. They are a wonderful resource to have on hand! Do you know exactly what kind of trees are in your own back yard?? In your own neighborhood??? We were blessed to learn that we have at least 8 different kinds of trees on our property that we weren't even aware of when we moved there a year ago! And do you know, that thanks to our pocket guide on trees, we were able to learn that two of these trees were fruit an apple tree, and the other a peach tree!! When we first got our farm house, there hadn't been much rain during the spring or summer seasons, and though the leaves on the trees were green, they just looked like "ordinary" trees for the most part, minus the three trees that obviously had a slew of walnuts falling to the ground on a daily basis. However, thanks to the excess rain we had here in IA this spring, we have actually gotten apples and a few peaches this summer!!

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