Latin in the Christian Trivium Vol. III

by Gail Busby Author, Mary Harrington Author


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9th - 12th
XL Group


  • 1 Review; Malo, Nolo, Volo: Psalm CXXI;
  • 2 Ipse, Iste, Idem; Ablative of Specification; The Good Shepherd
  • 3 Fifth Declension; Special Translation of Causa; Dinners
  • 4 Infinitives; Subject Infinitives; Reflexives: Indirect Discourse; Roman Homes
  • 5 Dative of Reference; Dative of Purpose; Dative of Possession; Joy; Jesus' Prayer; The Roman Empire
  • 6 The Subjunctive Mood; Purpose Clauses
  • 7 Hortatory Subjunctives; Thanksgiving; Roman Law; The Lord's Prayer; Psalm 100
  • 8 Imperfect Subjunctive; Sum and Possum; Ablative of Cause; Farming
  • 9 Result Clauses; Iussive Noun Clauses; Occupations
  • 10 Indirect Questions; Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive Forms; Gnosticism; Psalm 21
  • 11 Ablative Absolute; Moneychangers in the Temple
  • 12 Deponent Verbs; Genitive and Ablative of Description
  • 13 Cum Clauses (Temporal, Causal, Concessive); The One and the Many
  • 14 Eo; Gospel; Trade
  • 15 Wishes; Fearing
  • 16 Fero; Relative Clauses of Purpose; Crucifixion
  • 17 Dative with Intranstive Verbs; Care of the Dead
  • 18 Gerund and Gerundive; A Logical Argument: Gospel Road; Roman Roads
  • 19 Impersonal Verbs; Future Active and Passive Participles with Sum (Passive Periphrastic); The Supine; The Land of Galilee
  • 20 Review; Preparing for the Standard Latin Exam; Cicero's First Oration Against Catiline

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