Exodus: A Commentary for Children [SCM]

by Nancy E. Ganz Author

Volume 2 in the Herein is Love series that emphasizes God's attributes. From the back cover: Bible commentaries for children? Yes, Bible commentaries for parents to read to their children. This series of books provides what children need—solid truths to grow in to. Too much material for children is so light and fluffy that children are not encouraged to think great and glorious thoughts about God. These books are different. Artfully written, they beautifully draw out the implications of the Old Testament narrative that are foundational for Christian faith. I guarantee that your children will not want you to stop reading these books and you won't want to stop either. -- Tedd Tripp (Don't worry about the teacher's guide in the back; just read the commentary together.)

Additional Details

Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
Geographical Setting
Egypt, Sinai wilderness
Historical Setting
1571 BC - 1491 BC
Shepherd Press
2nd Revision edition


  • 1 The Jewish Problem
  • 2 By Faith, They Hid
  • 3 By Faith, He Left
  • 4 The Angel of the Lord in Flames of Fire
  • 5 The Name of God
  • 6 Provisions for the Journey
  • 7 The Way Made Smooth For Moses
  • 8 The Way Made Rough for Moses
  • 9 Two Kingdoms in Collision
  • 10 The Just Judgements of God; The Ten Plagues
  • 11 Do This in Remembrance of Me
  • 12 God With Us Day and Night
  • 13 Through the Red Sea...By Faith!
  • 14 Bitterness to Blessedness
  • 15 The Bread of Angels
  • 16 The Lord Is My Rock!
  • 17 The Lord Is My Banner
  • 18 The Voice of God
  • 19 The Ten Commandments
  • 20 Worship the Lord Your God
  • 21 The Blood of the Covenant
  • 22 Moses on the Mountain
  • 23 Israel Makes an Idol
  • 24 Preserved By the Power of Prayer
  • 25 Seven Sorrows from Israel's Sin
  • 26 All God's Goodness
  • 27 The Surpassing Glory
  • 28 The Tabernacle

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