Painting As a Pastime [SCM]

by Winston S. Churchill Author

A wonderful, often humorous, essay on how Churchill learned to oil paint and the benefits of painting as a pastime.

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6th - 12th
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Delightful in Many Respects

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

I just finished reading this little book/essay and am still smiling at several parts in it -- the story of how he overcame his feeling of intimidation when staring at a blank canvas; his description of why he prefers oil paints over watercolor; his explanation of why painting is a great hobby that refreshes a stressed mind. Churchill's thoughts will not only encourage you (and your children) to go ahead and try painting, they will also reinforce what Charlotte Mason wrote about habit of observation and memory, the benefits of nature study, and even learning a foreign language.

I must admit that I was a bit hesitant when my sister-in-law put this little book into my hands, but now I want my own copy! What a treat! Check your library for this gem.

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