Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery [SCM]

by Ken Burns Creator, Dayton Duncan Author

A wonderful documentary that follows the path of Lewis and Clark across the Louisiana Purchase in hunt of the northwest passage to the ocean. Done in legendary Ken Burns style, the music, cinematography, comments, and quotes from original diaries bring the expedition and men to life. A companion book by the same title is also available.

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
10th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Washington, Missouri, Louisiana Territory,
Historical Setting
1803 - 1806


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The Grandfather Spirit
  • 3 The Garden of Eden
  • 4 Our Friends
  • 5 The Real Unknown
  • 6 The Portage
  • 7 The Northwest Passage
  • 8 Introduction to Disk 2
  • 9 The Most Terrible Mountains
  • 10 Watkuweis
  • 11 O! the Joy
  • 12 Rainy and Wet
  • 13 Done for Posterity

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A Living Resource!

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

I cannot recommend this DVD enough for bringing Lewis and Clark to life. You can tell that the men who are interviewed, and whose comments are interspersed throughout the documentary, have a passion about this subject. In fact, one of the men teared up when recounting Lewis' death. They have formed a relation with this great idea and it shows!

I did want to mention two very short comments that are made during the documentary. Both are accurate and factual, not at all sensationalized, but you might want to know they are coming. During the section called "Our Friends" an Indian ritual is described matter-of-factly that includes wives offering to "sleep with" other men in the tribe. Those are the words used in this brief comment. During the section "O! the Joy" they tell how Lewis and Clark found out that the Indians living near the west coast had already learned some English words from ship captains and such. Some of those words are swear words. Again, mentioned factually and without any sensationalizing. But I thought you might want to know ahead of time.

Excellent living resource!

So thankful we found this DVD

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

Thanks to the wonderful review written before me, we rented this from our library and were not disappointed! My 8 year old could not wait for each new segment and this documentary brought the adventures of the Corps of Discovery to life.

And thank you to the previous poster for the heads up on the language and content. I knew where to preview and where to fast forward thanks to you instead of having a WHOOPS! moment!

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