On the Shores of the Great Sea

by M. B. Synge Author

Focuses on the civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea from the time of Abraham to the birth of Christ. Brief histories of the Ancient Israelites, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Scythians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans are given, concluding with the conquest of the entire Mediterranean area by Rome. Important myths and legends that preceded recorded history are also related. Suitable for children ages 9 and up to read to themselves and for children as young as 6 as a read-aloud. The Story of the World series, by M. B. Synge, comprises a set of five volumes, written at a middle school reading level, that cover all major events in the history of Western Civilization, from earliest recorded history to the close of the nineteenth century. With fifty or so short chapters in each volume, the series links the great eras in time and place together by a chain of stories of individuals who played principal parts in the events related. While statesmen and military commanders figure heavily in the narrative, stories of explorers, scientists, artists, authors, and religious figures are also presented. The author writes in an engaging fashion, using dialog frequently to bring scenes to life. She juxtaposes events happening at the same time in different parts of the world in a style reminiscent of the books of Genevieve Foster.


Additional Details

Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 8th
Geographical Setting
Israel, Egypt, Canaan, Greece, Rome, Persia
Historical Setting
1921 BC - 30 AD
Yesterday's Classics
Book 1 in The Story of the World series


  • 1 The Home of Abraham
  • 2 Into Africa
  • 3 An Old Trade-Route
  • 4 Joseph in Egypt
  • 5 The Story of the Nile Flood
  • 6 In a Strange Land
  • 7 The Children of Israel
  • 8 Back to the Fatherland
  • 9 The First Merchant Fleet
  • 10 Conquerors of the Sea
  • 11 Early Pioneers
  • 12 Hiram, King of Tyre
  • 13 King Solomon's Fleet
  • 14 The Story of Carthage
  • 15 Out of the Shadowland
  • 16 The Story of the Argonauts
  • 17 The Siege of Troy
  • 18 The Adventures of Ulysses
  • 19 The Dawn of History
  • 20 The Fall of Tyre
  • 21 The Rise of Carthage
  • 22 Hanno's Adventures
  • 23 Some More About Greece
  • 24 A Cloud in the East
  • 25 The Battle of Marathon
  • 26 King Ahasuerus
  • 27 How Leonidas Kept the Pass
  • 28 Victory for the Greeks
  • 29 Some Greek Colonies
  • 30 Across the Blue Waters
  • 31 The Beauty of Athens
  • 32 The Death of Socrates
  • 33 Retreat of the Ten Thousand
  • 34 The Story of Romulus and Remus
  • 35 How Horatius Kept the Bridge
  • 36 Coriolanus
  • 37 Alexander the Great
  • 38 King of Macedonia
  • 39 Conquest of the East
  • 40 The Conquest of India
  • 41 Alexander's City
  • 42 Back to Rome Again
  • 43 A Great Conflict
  • 44 The Roman Fleet
  • 45 Hannibal's Vow
  • 46 The Adventures of Hannibal
  • 47 The End of Carthage
  • 48 The Triumph of Rome
  • 49 Two Young Romans
  • 50 Julius Caesar
  • 51 The Flight of Pompey
  • 52 The Death of Caesar
  • 53 The Empire of Rome
  • 54 Pax Romana

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