Latin in the Christian Trivium Vol. 1

by Mary Harrington Author, Gail Busby Author

This is the introductory course for the middle or high school level student of Latin which provides an explanation and practice in beginning Latin. This course focuses on the grammar, vocabulary and structure of the language while introducing some of the Roman history and Biblical principles and Scripture.


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5th - 12th


  • 1 Introduction; Trivium Approach; Setting Up the Notebook; Grammar Review
  • 2 Pronunciation; Grammar Review; Roman Alphabet; Timeline; A Roman Family
  • 3 First Conjugation Verbs; Four Principal Parts; A Brief History of Italy
  • 4 First Declension Nouns; Uses of the Nominative Case; Ablative of Place Where; Life in Gaul
  • 5 Conjugation of Sum; Conjunctions; Direct Object; Life in Gaul
  • 6 Second Declension Nouns; Masc.; Genitive Possession; Appositives; Roman Family in Gaul
  • 7 Prepositions; Prefixes; Accusative of Place to Which; Ablative of Place from Which; A Messenger from Rome
  • 8 Second Declension Nouns; Neuter; Roman Calendar; Questions and Enclitics; On the Road to Rome
  • 9 Adjectives ending in -us and -er; Personal Pronouns; Ablative of Means; The Appian Way
  • 10 Numerals; Dative of Indirect Object; The Great Town of Rome
  • 11 Imperfect and Future Tenses; To The Circus Maximus
  • 12 Adverbs; Life in Rome
  • 13 Imperative Mood; Vocative Cases; Ablative of Time When; Ablative of Time Within Which; Accusative of Duration of Time; Praetorian Camp
  • 14 Third Declension Nouns; The Call to Judea
  • 15 Third Declension I-Stems; Irregular Adjectives; History of the Bible; Translation of the Vulgate by Jerome; Scriptures

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