Year of the Horseless Carriage: 1801 [SCM]

by Genevieve Foster Author

Foster has done an amazing job of presenting the interwoven events of 1801 through 1821 in a living way. As each key person's story is told, she masterfully shows how his life was connected with other key figures of the time. A wonderful read with so many "ah-ha" moments! (From Amazon): The Year of the Horseless Carriage: 1801, presents the dawn of the 19th century with all its brilliant advancements in transportation, communication, and technology. While the world of technology is progressing rapidly, human rights and liberty are variously being trampled or rising. The megalomaniac Napoleon is proclaiming "liberty, equality, and fraternity" to a war-weary Europe, Jefferson is contemplating the largest land purchase in the history of the world, and Toussaint L'Ouverture is fighting for liberty in Haiti. Robert Livingston, Robert Fulton, Richard Trevithick, Beethoven, Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, and Dolley Madison are all playing their parts. In this memorable retelling, youthful readers will come to appreciate why Foster was convinced that "history is drama."

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
7th - 12th
Geographical Setting
United States, England, France, Haiti, Russia, Austria, South America, Spain
Historical Setting
1801 - 1821
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  • 1 Richard Trevithick, English engineer
  • 2 Robert Fulton, American inventor
  • 3 Napoleon Bonaparte, ruler of France
  • 4 Thomas Jefferson, president of the United States
  • 5 Toussaint L'ouverture, leader of Haiti
  • 6 Lewis and Clark, American explorers
  • 7 Napoleon becomes emperor of France
  • 8 Beethoven dedicates symphony to Napoleon
  • 9 Richard Trevithick displays his last locomotive
  • 10 Robert Fulton's steamboat
  • 11 James Madison becomes president of the United States
  • 12 Napoleon wages a disastrous war against Russia
  • 13 George Stephenson, English engineer

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