Polite Moments

by Gary & Cathy Maldaner Author

An illustrated book for young people that encourages old-fashioned, polite behavior and speech. Excellent for family devotions. Topics for all ages – First grade through high school. Color, laminated cover, paper, 7 x 8 ½, 117 pages. Our most popular book! Chapter 1 – General Topics – Topics include: Always Be Thankful * Give Your Mother Flowers * Do Not Cause Fear To An Older or Weaker Person * Do Nothing To Draw Attention To Yourself * and fifteen other topics. Chapter 2 - Visiting Other Families – Topics include: "Can You Come Over to My House?" * Ask– Don’t Inform * "Let’s Play In the Yard" * "You Can Have This!" * "Who’s In Charge Here?" * "Is This All Right With Your Parents?" * and sixteen other topics. Chapter 3- Working for Others – Topics include: "What Job Should I Seek?" * "I Can Do All Things" * Don’t Waste Time * "Endure Hardness" * The Froward Master * and seventeen other topics – for all young people who do jobs for other people. Chapter 4 - How To Be A Servant – Topics include: "Here Am I, Send Me," * "I Delight To Do Thy Will," * "I Seek Not My Own Will," * "I Do Always Those Things That Please Him," * "What Things Were Gain to Me," * and seventeen other topics. Chapter 5 - Learn To Do These Things! – Topics include: Learn To Work Quietly * Learn To Sit Still * Learn To Be Content * Learn To Be Pleasant * and seventeen others. Large print text and verse for each illustrated topic.


Additional Details

Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 9th
Plain Path Publishers
1991 - 1998


  • 1 General Topics
  • 2 Visiting Other Families
  • 3 Working For Others
  • 4 How To Be A Servant
  • 5 Learn To Do These Things!

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