Christian Studies Book 3 (Student Book)

by Memoria Press Author

(From Amazon): Have you been looking for a Christian studies program that is comprehensive, dignified, and integrated with the other subjects you prioritize in your classical education? Finally, Memoria Press is releasing the Christian Studies program our customers have been requesting. This three-year series thoughtfully guides your child through The Golden Children's Bible, teaching him the fundamentals of Bible stories, history, and geography, with solid detail at a manageable pace. Students do not merely skim the surface. They embark on a three-year Bible reading course that builds faith by teaching Salvation History as real history. The Golden Children's Bible was chosen because of its slightly simplified, but poetically appealing, King James text, along with its beautiful, accurate, and age-appropriate illustrations. This is important because we believe students should learn to revere the Bible as a sacred book, distinct from modern adventure stories with cartoon heroes. Each Student Book offers 30 lessons, and each lesson is comprised of a scripture memory passage, important facts to know (including people, places, dates, and events), vocabulary, and comprehension questions that draw out the golden nuggets of meaning in each story. Maps, timelines, activities, and discussion questions offer the critical integration that is central to classical education. Students work through one third of The Golden Children's Bible each year. The Teacher's Manual offers the insight and background for each lesson that youve come to expect from Memoria Press, along with additional discussion, composition, or research prompts and helpful notes for the teacher. Using these guides, your student will be well prepared for the good work of advanced Christian Studies. What else could you want? The Christian Studies program is in chronological order with the Bible. It is not ordered by student age, and each book is appropriate for students in 3rd through 7th Grade. (Many students start Book I in 3rd Grade and finish Book III in 5th Grade.) Christian Studies I: Creation to Moses' Last Words Christian Studies II: Invasion of Canaan to Jonah; Vision of Days to Come Christian Studies III: Zacharias; Angel Visits Mary; Birth of Jesus to Paul's Final Years; Letters of Peter; Vision of John


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