The Book of the Ancient Greeks

by Dorothy Mills Author

(From Amazon): The Book of the Ancient Greeks is an introduction to the history and civilization of Greece from the coming of the Greeks to the conquest of Corinth by Rome in 146 bc. Miss Mills again makes history a vital thing and historians, statesmen, and poets of the ancient world living figures. Dorothy Mills has an uncanny and unique ability to write history that is interesting and at the same time based on sound scholarship. Her direct, engaging approach is valued increasingly by the many parents in our day who are looking for reliable materials for home school study. With this book is concluded the series on the ancient world. Dawn Chorus publishes these other books by Dorothy Mills: The Book of the Ancient World; The Book of the Ancient Romans; The People of Ancient Israel; The Middle Ages; and Renaissance and Reformation Times.


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  • 1 The Mediterranean World
  • 2 Crete
  • 3 The Mainland
  • 4 The Land of Greece
  • 5 Greek Religion and the Oracles
  • 6 The Olympic Games
  • 7 The Greek City-State
  • 8 Sparta
  • 9 The Growth of Athens
  • 10 Greek Colonies
  • 11 The Beginning of the Persian Wars
  • 12 The Great Persian Invasion Under Xerxes
  • 13 The Athenian Empire
  • 14 Life in Ancient Athens in the Time of Pericles
  • 15 A Day with an Athenian
  • 16 The Athenian Schoolboy
  • 17 The Greek Theatre
  • 18 The Temples of Athens
  • 19 The Downfall of Athens
  • 20 The Great Days of Thebes
  • 21 Alexander the Great
  • 22 The Gifts of Greece to the World
  • 23 The Hellenistic Age

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