America the Beautiful [SCM]

by Katharine Bates Author

(From Amazon): Wendell Minor is an extraordinarily talented fine artist who has received over two hundred awards for his work. Authors refer to him as a "quiet genius" who creates with simplicity and elegance, a "master" at capturing the essence of the written word in vivid imagery, of creating brilliant paintings that evoke the true spirit of story and place. He has illustrated hundreds of book covers for many of the most popular books of the past few decades. Now, inspired by Katharine Lee Bates's classic verse, Minor gives readers beautiful visual accompaniment for an American standard. Traversing the entire nation, from New York City to Pikes Peak, from the Oregon coast to the Florida Everglades; encompassing multiple eras, from Pilgrims to wagon trains, from the Wright brothers to NASA, Minor takes us on a journey across land and time - literally from sea to shining sea. With his stunning paintings of American landscapes and historical moments, he celebrates our nation's history and beauty and transforms a musical tribute into a visual masterpiece.

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