Artistic Pursuits, Book One: An Introduction to the Visual Arts

by Brenda Ellis Author

(From Amazon): Artistic Pursuits is a comprehensive art program designed to involve the student in the creative process while developing observational skills. Books offer a complete overview and easy to understand introduction to the subject of art. Each book includes a set of fine art prints by the masters to aid students in understanding concepts introduced. Books are written to the student and require little or no teacher preparation. this book is sure to delight young students with colorful illustrations and fine art prints. Three sections capture their interests and imaginations while introducing fundamental principles of the visual arts. Units include "What Artists Do" such as compose, imagine, and look at nature, "What Artists See" such as shape, form, line, space, and color, and Exploring ancient Art," covering a;; the major civilizations beginning with cave art to the Middle Ages. Students explore each concept in colorful fine art prints that are examined as students answer questions about what they see. 24 projects and 12 exercises included. Students, grades K-3, make fun, original works of art using drawing media, painting, paper art and clay.


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  • 1 Artists Compose
  • 2 Artists Imagine
  • 3 Artists Look
  • 4 Artists Communicate
  • 5 Artists Use Photographs
  • 6 Artists Make Landscapes
  • 7 Artists Make Portraits
  • 8 Artists Make Still-Lifes
  • 9 Artists Show Experiences
  • 10 Artists Show Works
  • 11 Artists See Shape
  • 12 Artists See Form
  • 13 Artists See Line
  • 14 Artists See Color
  • 15 Artists See Edges
  • 16 Artists See and Remember
  • 17 Artists See Mixed Colors
  • 18 Art in Caves
  • 19 Art Underground
  • 20 Art in Palaces
  • 21 Art in Pyramids
  • 22 Art on Floors
  • 23 Art on City Walls
  • 24 Art on Pots
  • 25 Art in Tombs
  • 26 Art in Streets
  • 27 Art on Roadsides
  • 28 Art in Churches
  • 29 Art in Castles
  • 30 Art in Windows
  • 31 Art in Books
  • 32 Art on Book Covers

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