George Washington

by Cheryl Harness Author

(From Amazon): He might have been just a rich farmer...but that wasn't his whole story. Not by a long shot! It has been 200 years since George Washington died, but his story is more important than ever. His sacrifices for his country made him a legend, but who was this complex and valiant man? Cheryl Harness uses her lively writing style and richly detailed watercolors to bring the man behind the monument to life. You'll smell the "hot blood and smoke" as George dodges bullets in the French and Indian War, sense his "purple fury" at soldiers who ran from battle early in the Revolution, shiver as he leads his army across the icy Delaware, and shout "Long live George Washington" as he is sworn in as President of the United States. But you'll see another George, too: A man who loved to dance, listen to his granddaughter play music, and entertain friends at his beloved Mount Vernon. Love of liberty compelled George Washington to serve his country. Was he always sure he could do the job? Not at all! But he had to try.

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1st - 5th
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1732 - 1799
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