The Harp and Laurel Wreath: Poetry and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum

(From Amazon): Convinced that a critical part of education is to foster in our children a love of the beautiful and true, teacher and writer Laura Berquist presents this wide selection of poetry for every age level from grades one to twelve. Language development is significantly enriched by exposure to good poetry. This book is an important resource because it provides in one volume many poems that concern noble actions or ideas presented in beautiful patterns of sound. This book contains all the poems recommended in Berquist's best-selling Designing Your Classical Curriculum. The extensive selection includes poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Browning, William Shakespeare, G.K. Chesterton, William Butler Yeats, Robert Frost, and many others. There are three indices to help locate specific poems. This book also includes dictation selections that are useful tools in the development of the child's writing ability, as well as study questions and answers for each poem.


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Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
Ignatius Press


  • 1 America For Me by Henry Van Dyke (Weeks 1-7) Wk 6 Recite Kindergarten Poems; Wk 7 Write and illustrate
  • 2 Sea Fever by John Masefield (Weeks 8-11) Wk 9 Recite 1st grade poesm; Wk 11 write and illustrate
  • 3 Christmas Everywhere by Phillip Brooks (Weeks 12-14) (recite 4 lines at a time) Wk 12 recite 2nd grade poems; Wk 14 write and illustrate
  • 4 Columbus by Joaquin Miller (Weeks 15 - 25) Wk 25 write and illustrate; Recite 1st grade poems
  • 5 Recite one of the poems from this year for 1 week
  • 6 Spring by Alfred Lord Tennyson (Wk 27-31); Learn 1 stanza per week; wk 28 recite 2nd grade poems; wk 31 review poems from 3rd grade
  • 7 Wk 32 review 1 of your poems from this year

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