Ways of Wood Folk

by William J. Long Author

(From Amazon): Illustrated. The sketches are taken almost at random from old note-books and summer journals. About them gather a host of associations, of living-over-agains, that have made it a delight to write them; associations of the winter woods, of apple blossoms and nest-building, of New England uplands and wilderness rivers, of camps and canoes, of snowshoes and trout rods, of sunrise on the hills, when one climbed for the eagle's nest, and twilight on the yellow wind-swept beaches, where the surf sobbed far away, and wings twanged like reeds in the wind swooping down to decoys,-all thronging about one, eager to be remembered if not recorded. Among them, most eager, most intense, most frequent of all associations, there is a boy with nerves all a-tingle at the vast sweet mystery that rustled in every wood, following the call of the winds and the birds, or wandering alone where the spirit moved him, who never studied nature consciously, but only loved it, and who found out many of these Ways long ago, guided solely by a boy's instinct. If they speak to other boys, as to fellow explorers in the always new world, if they bring back to older children happy memories of a golden age when nature and man were not quite so far apart, then there will be another pleasure in having written them.


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  • 1 Fox-Ways
  • 2 Merganser
  • 3 Queer Ways of Br'er Rabbit
  • 4 A Wild Duck
  • 5 An Oriole's Nest
  • 6 The Builders
  • 7 Crow-Ways
  • 8 One Touch of Nature
  • 9 Moose Calling
  • 10 Ch'geegee-lokh-sis
  • 11 A Fellow of Expedients
  • 12 A Temperance Lesson for the Hornets
  • 13 Snowy Visitors
  • 14 A Christmas Carol
  • 15 Mooween the Bear

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