Along the Alphabet Path

by Foss et al. Author

Twenty-six stories of Michael and Mrs. Applebee, two characters who will introduce your child to letters and flowers and saints. Each letter has an installment of the story. When you read the story, have both the Flower Fairies Alphabet and An Alphabet of Catholic Saints books ready. With them, your child will meet a flower fairy and a saint for every letter.


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  • 1 A is for Apple Blossom, St. Anne, and the Angel of God
  • 2 B is for Bugle Flower and St. Bernadette
  • 3 C is for Columbine Fairy and St. Cecilia
  • 4 D is for Double Daisy and St. Dominic
  • 5 E is for Eyebright and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  • 6 F is for Fuchsia and St. Francis
  • 7 G is for Gorse Fairy and St. George
  • 8 H is for Herb Twopence and St. Helen
  • 9 I is for Iris and St. Ignatius
  • 10 J is for Jasmine and Good St. Joseph
  • 11 K is for Kingcup and Blessed Kateri
  • 12 L is for Lily-of-the-Valley and St. Lucy
  • 13 M is for Mallow, Mozzarella, Michael, St. Martin, and more!
  • 14 N is for Nasturtium and St. Nicholas
  • 15 O is for Orchis and St. Ordilia
  • 16 P is for Pansy and St. Patrick
  • 17 Q is for Queen
  • 18 R is for Ragged Robin and St. Rose
  • 19 S is for Strawberries and St. Sharbel
  • 20 T is for Thrift and St. Therese
  • 21 The Story where V Befriends U (V is for Vetch, Verbena, Valerian, and Violets)
  • 22 W is for the Wallflower Fairy and Good King Wenceslas
  • 23 X and Y! Oh My!
  • 24 Zinnia and the Grand Parade

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