Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt

by James Baikie Author

An engaging journey through the land of ancient Egypt, in which we learn about the geography of the region and experience daily life through a visit to Thebes and the palace of the Pharaoh. Includes a description of the life of children in those long ago times as well as a couple of the wonder stories told to them. Chapters on Egyptian books and temples and tombs conclude the volume. Ages 9-12

Additional Details

Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 7th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
4000 BC - 2000 BC


  • 1 A land of old renown
  • 2 a day in Thebes
  • 3 A day in Thebes
  • 4 Pharoah at Home
  • 5 The Life of a soldier
  • 6 Child life in Ancient Egypt
  • 7 Some Fairy Tales of Long Ago
  • 8 Some Fairy Tales of Long Ago
  • 9 Exploring the Soudan
  • 10 A Voyage of Discovery
  • 11 Egyptian Books
  • 12 Temples and Tombs
  • 13 An Egyptian's Heaven

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