Hearts and Hands: Chronicles of the Awakening Church [SCM]

by Mindy and Brandon Withrow Author

(From Amazon): Let history come to life - just the way it should do! Read the stories of the gifted preachers and justice fighters who led the 1st & 2nd Great Awakenings in the 18th and 19th centuries. Meet the American preacher who started a national revival in his tiny church. Spend time with the wealthy English politician and the former American slave woman who helped abolish slavery in their countries. Get to know the missionaries who built lasting Christian communities in China, India, and Africa. For the first 1700 years of the church, God’s people had worked to define Christian teachings and secure their freedom to worship. Now they began to see, in a new way, how the power of the gospel should change their feelings both toward Jesus and their fellow human beings. From John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards to Elizabeth Fry and Sojourner Truth, God used the tender hearts and strong hands of his people to offer mercy to the world. Extra features look deeper into issues such as social reform, the French and American Revolutions, and the rise of Protestant Denominations.

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
7th - 12th
Geographical Setting
America, England, Germany, India, China, Persia, Africa
Historical Setting
1700 - 1860


  • 1 What was the Awakening Church?
  • 2 Jonathan Edwards
  • 3 Johann Sebastian Bach
  • 4 The Development of Church Music
  • 5 John Wesley
  • 6 An Era of Social Reform
  • 7 William Wilberforce and the Abolitionists
  • 8 William Carey
  • 9 Elizabeth Fry
  • 10 Revolutions and Rebellions
  • 11 Liang Fa
  • 12 A New Method of Missions
  • 13 Adoniram and Ann Judson
  • 14 Fidelia Fiske
  • 15 The Rise of Protestant Denominations
  • 16 Sojourner Truth and Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • 17 David Livingstone
  • 18 Other Christians of the Awakening Church
  • 19 The Beginnings of a Modern World

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