Delightful Reading [SCM]

by Lanaya Gore Author

Teaches your child to read using Charlotte Mason's method of sight words and word-building. Rich reading selections: Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Dogs and the Fox by Aesop, Proverbs 23:4 and 5, and Letter to My Friends. Kit includes word tiles, letter tiles, lesson plans, student reader, extra sentences, word notebook, and more.

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Suggested Grades
Early Years - 2nd
Simply Charlotte Mason


  • Rain-1 The rain is falling all around
  • Rain-2 Word-Building
  • Rain-3 It falls on field and tree
  • Rain-4 Word-Building
  • Rain-5 It rains on the umbrellas here
  • Rain-6 Word-Building
  • Rain-7 And on the ships at sea
  • Rain-8 Word-Building
  • Dogs-1 The Dogs and the Fox
  • Dogs-2 Word-Building
  • Dogs-3 Some dogs, finding the skin of a lion
  • Dogs-4 Word-Building
  • Dogs-5 Began to tear it in pieces with their teeth
  • Dogs-6 Word-Building
  • Dogs-7 A fox, seeing them, said
  • Dogs-8 Word-Building
  • Dogs-9 If this lion were alive you would soon find out
  • Dogs-10 Word-Building
  • Dogs-11 That his claws were stronger than your teeth
  • Dogs-12 Word-Building
  • Dogs-13 Moral: It is easy to kick a man that is down
  • Dogs-14 Word-Building
  • Prov-1 Do not wear yourself out to get rich
  • Prov-2 Word-Building
  • Prov-3 Have the wisdom to show restraint
  • Prov-4 Word-Building
  • Prov-5 Cast but a glance at riches and they are gone
  • Prov-6 Word-Building
  • Prov-7 For they will surely sprout wings
  • Prov-8 Word-Building
  • Prov-9 And fly off to the sky like an eagle
  • Prov-10 Word-Building
  • Letter-1 Title and Greeting
  • Letter-2 Word-Building
  • Letter-3 First Sentence
  • Letter-4 Word-Building
  • Letter-5 Second and Third Sentences
  • Letter-6 Word-Building
  • Letter-7 Fourth Sentence
  • Letter-8 Word-Building
  • Letter-9 Fifth Sentence, plus
  • Letter-10 Word-Building
  • Letter-11 Rest of Sixth Sentence
  • Letter-12 Word-Building
  • Letter-13 Seventh Sentence and Signature
  • Letter-14 Word-Building
  • Kinder-1 Word-building "at"
  • Kinder-2 Word-building "en"
  • Kinder-3 Word-building "od"
  • Kinder-4 Word-building short vowels
  • Kinder-5 Word-building long vowel

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