Tales of Troy

by Andrew Lang Author


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  • 1 The Boyhood and Parents of Ulysses
  • 2 How People Lived in the Time of Ulysses
  • 3 The Wooing of Helen of the Fair Hands
  • 4 The Stealing of Helen
  • 5 Trojan Victories
  • 6 Battle at the Ships
  • 7 The Slaying and Avenging of Patroclus
  • 8 The Cruelty of Achilles, and the Ransoming of Hector
  • 9 How Ulysses Stole the Luck of Troy
  • 10 The Battles with the Amazons and Memnon -- The Death of Achilles
  • 11 Ulysses Sails to see the Son of Achilles--The Valour of Eurypylus
  • 12 The Slaying of Paris
  • 13 How Ulysses Invented the Device of the Horse of Tree
  • 14 The End of Troy and the Saving of Helen

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