Courage and Conviction: Chronicles of the Reformation Church (History Lives series)

by Brandon Withrow Author

(From Amazon): Let history come to life – just the way it should do. Read the stories of the reformers in the 16th and 17th centuries who changed the face of the Christian church forever. Meet the German monk, the French scholar and the Scottish tutor who protested corruption in the church. Get to know the queens and explorers who risked everything for the freedom to worship according to their consciences. It was a time of war and upheaval, but also a time of promise and hope. From Erasmus and Luther to Katherine Parr and William Bradford, God used different personalities in different places to bring sweeping changes to church government and the way we worship. Learn from their mistakes and be encouraged by their amazing strengths and gifts. Extra features throughout this book look deeper into issues such as the Scientific Revolution, wars of religion, the Puritans and the settling of the Americas. This is the third book in a series intended to cover the history of the Christian church through its people and key events. They are written with 9-14 year olds in mind but the modern, relaxed and enthusiastic style is infectious. This is history without the wooliness – and with all the wonder.


Additional Details

Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 9th
Geographical Setting
Europe, Early America
Historical Setting
1500 - 1700


  • 1 Reformation Church Timeline pg. 8
  • 2 What was the Reformation Church? pg. 11
  • 3 Desiderius Erasmus: The hen that laid the egg of Luther pg. 17
  • 4 Martin Luther: A conscience captive to the Word of God pg. 33
  • 5 The Catholic Reformation pg. 49
  • 6 Menno Simons: A kingdom of peace pg. 53
  • 7 John Calvin: To take a wife pg. 71
  • 8 Big Changes in the Reformation World pg. 89
  • 9 Katherine Parr: For such a time as this pg. 93
  • 10 Thomas Cranmer: Candles in England pg. 113
  • 11 John Knox: Trumpeter of God pg. 133
  • 12 War And Religion pg. 151
  • 13 Jeanne d'Albret: Deborah of the Huguenots pg. 155
  • 14 The Settling to the Americas pg. 173
  • 15 William Bradford: Strangers and pilgrims pg. 177
  • 16 Samuel Rutherford: Called before a higher tribunal pg. 195
  • 17 Confessions and Catechisms of the Reformation pg. 209
  • 18 John Bunyan: When I fall, I arise pg. 213
  • 19 John Eliot: Apostle to the Indians pg. 227
  • 20 Other Reformation Christians pg. 245
  • 21 Enlightenment and Awakening pg. 249

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