Eastertide: Prayers for Lent Through Easter from The Divine Hours (Tickle, Phyllis)

by Phyllis Tickle Author

(From Amazon): Many Christians are new to the practice of daily, formal liturgical prayer and are just discovering the powerful benefits for worshipping God this way. EASTERTIDE is the perfect introduction to the tradition of fixed-hour prayer. Elegantly designed, compact, and accessible, it is an ideal gift for those seeking spiritual guidance and renewal. Beginning with Ash Wednesday and moving through Holy Week into Easter Sunday, EASTERTIDE provides the daily prayers, psalms, and readings from the Bible and hymns of praise and worship that appear in the larger volume The Divine Hours: Prayers for Springtime. Refreshingly contemporary yet grounded in one of the oldest forms of Western prayer, this exquisite new book is an insightful program of prayer for Christians dedicated to the contemplation of Lent and the celebration of Easter. Newcomers to this tradition will find that it is the perfect introduction to joining the ancients in prayer during the most solemn time in the Christian calendar.


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  • 1 Ash Wednesday
  • 2 Thursday after Ash Wed
  • 3 Friday after Ash Wed
  • 4 Saturday after Ash Wed
  • 5 1st Sunday of Lent
  • 6 Monday, 1st week of Lent
  • 7 Tuesday, 1st week of Lent
  • 8 Wednesday, 1st week of Lent
  • 9 Thursday, 1st week of Lent
  • 10 Friday, 1st week of Lent
  • 11 Saturday, 1st week of Lent
  • 12 2nd Sunday of Lent
  • 13 Monday, 2nd week of Lent
  • 14 Tuesday, 2nd week of Lent
  • 15 Wednesday, 2nd week of Lent
  • 16 Thursday, 2nd week of Lent
  • 17 Friday, 2nd week of Lent
  • 18 Saturday, 2nd week of Lent
  • 19 3rd Sunday of Lent
  • 20 Monday, 3rd week of Lent
  • 21 Tuesday, 3rd week of Lent
  • 22 Wednesday, 3rd week of Lent
  • 23 Thursday, 3rd week of Lent
  • 24 Friday, 3rd week of Lent
  • 25 Saturday, 3rd week of Lent
  • 26 4th Sunday of Lent
  • 27 Monday, 4th week of Lent
  • 28 Tuesday, 4th week of Lent
  • 29 Wednesday, 4th week of Lent
  • 30 Thursday, 4th week of Lent
  • 31 Friday, 4th week of Lent
  • 32 Saturday, 4th week of Lent
  • 33 5th Sunday of Lent
  • 34 Monday, 5th week of Lent
  • 35 Tuesday, 5th week of Lent
  • 36 Wednesday, 5th week of Lent
  • 37 Thursday, 5th week of Lent
  • 38 Friday, 5th week of Lent
  • 39 Saturday, 5th week of Lent
  • 40 Palm Sunday
  • 41 Monday of Holy Week
  • 42 Tuesday of Holy Week
  • 43 Wednesday of Holy Week
  • 44 Maundy Thursday
  • 45 Good Friday
  • 46 Holy Saturday
  • 47 Easter Sunday
  • 48 Easter Monday

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