How to Teach Art to Children

by Joy Evans Author

(From Amazon): Whether you're wondering for the first time what art concepts your students should experience or you are a teacher with years of practice looking for new ideas, you will find the projects of value in How to Teach Art to Children.You get plenty of reproducibles and sequenced illustrations to guide students through the creation of artwork that incorporates concepts such as contrasting colors, curves and angles, and awareness of texture. A Textured Landscape Mural is just one example of an included project that brings together all of these concepts for students.Each project and concept is supported by:* Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions* Complete list of materials needed* Reproducible patterns* Illustrations of individual components, sequence of assembly, and final productA complete list of materials needed to set up a classroom art center is provided, along with useful definitions of terminology and a vocabulary listing of unusual color words. In addition, literature references, fine art examples, and other resource references are provided, broadening yourstudents' experience with art.You can further complement the art projects and activities presented here with these other quality Evan-Moor titles: Art for All Seasons (EMC 104), Craftworks for Kids series (EMC 228, 230, 231, 720-724), ArtWorks for Kids series (EMC 291-296), Holiday Fun (EMC 742) and Seasonal Activities (EMC 103).


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  • 1 Watercolor Washout p 18
  • 2 Black and White and In-between p 20
  • 3 Mix Cool and Warm Colors p 31
  • 4 Complementary Colors p 35
  • 5 Tertiary Colors p 40
  • 6 Mix Secondary Colors p 42
  • 7 Colored Pencil Blending p 43
  • 8 Light Through a Prism p 45
  • 9 The While Sprectrum p 47
  • 10 Prism Art p 49
  • 11 Repetition p 51
  • 12 Pattern Experiment p 54
  • 13 Lines of All Kinds p 64
  • 14 Curves and Angles p 68
  • 15 Lines Outline Shapes p 71
  • 16 Positive and NEgative Shapes p 72
  • 17 Shape Designs p 73
  • 18 Shading Shapes p 74
  • 19 Awareness of Texture p 76
  • 20 Textured Abstract Still Life p 83
  • 21 Textured Landscape Mural p 84
  • 22 Creating Texture with Paint p 85
  • 23 Scratch Away Texture p 88

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