God's Troubadour, the Story of Saint Francis of Assisi: The Story of Saint Francis of Assisi

by Sophie Jewett Author

Relates how the gay, courtly young soldier became a knight of Jesus Christ, vowed devotion to Lady Poverty and proved himself the "little brother" to all men and even to the birds and beasts. The son of a wealthy merchant, Saint Francis of Assisi kept company in his youth with a lawless band of young nobles who were bent on having a good time and thought nothing of the comfort of other people. When sickness puts an end to his soldierly ambitions, he turns his back on earthly possessions, much to the disgust of his father, and dons a dust-colored robe and ties a rope around his waist. Traveling barefooted and bareheaded through the hills of Italy he begins his ministry to the outcasts of society: the lepers, the poor, the hungry. He gathers other men to his side to share in his work, including three robbers who feel the transforming power of his love. His powers extend over the animal kingdom as well. He preaches to the birds and he tames the wolf who has been terrorizing the villagers of Gubbio. When he journeys eastward with the Crusaders, he ministers to Saracen and Christian alike. One year at Christmas he presents a living nativity scene to his neighbors, beginning a tradition that has lasted for centuries. One reviewer writes, "We wish this charming book might be the introduction of most children to this medieval saint." Suitable for children ages 8 and up.

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 7th
Historical Setting
1181 - 1212


  • 1 A Child of Long Ago
  • 2 The Young Troubadour
  • 3 The Young Soldier
  • 4 To Arms!
  • 5 The New Road
  • 6 "The Other Life is as My LIfe"
  • 7 Father and Son
  • 8 "Lady Poverty"
  • 9 The Bird Sisters
  • 10 Brother Wolf
  • 11 The Three Robbers
  • 12 Nurse and Patient
  • 13 With the Crusaders
  • 14 Christmas at Grecio
  • 15 La Verna
  • 16 The Troubadour's Last Song

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