And the Word Came with Power, 2006 publication

by Joanne Shetler Author

(From Amazon): FROM BACK COVER: "God, show yourself stronger than the spirits!" For years, Joanne Shetler had prayed that prayer. And now the village was in an uproar. Two old women who were powerful spirit mediums had decided to worship God. The spirits were angry and the village was terrified. The people pleaded with Joanne: "Those women can't do that, the spirits will kill them." In the past, those who had tried to quit serving the spirits had paid with their lives. Now everyone was watching, waiting for the two spirit mediums to die. This is the dramatic story of how God set in motion events that knit Joanne and the Balangao people (in the Philippines) together in a spiritual battle that changed them forever. For centuries the Balangaos had worshiped the capricious and had-to-please spirits who made relentless demands for sacrifices. They knew the spirits had power... did God have power? You'll be inspired and challenged by the simple obedience of this people transformed by the power of the Word. This book has been translated into several languages and has been nominated for the Gold Medalion Award. The Alliance press in Hong Kong nominated it as one of the top 100 books of the century.


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Wycliffr Biblr Translators,2006
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  • 1 Don't Let Her Die!
  • 2 I Let My Dream Die
  • 3 An Isolated Sand Bar
  • 4 What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?
  • 5 I'll Be Your Father
  • 6 Sacrifices and Spirits
  • 7 I Wish I Could Know God
  • 8 You Might Get Lonely
  • 9 My Child, It's Impossible
  • 10 Of Babies and Ambassadors
  • 11 Where Do We Go When We Die?
  • 12 A Church Is Born
  • 13 This Is War!
  • 14 Victory
  • 15 Of Locusts and a Helicopter Crash
  • 16 Facing God
  • 17 Changes
  • 18 Is This a Taste of Heaven?
  • 19 A Gift From God
  • 20 Reaching Out to Judea
  • 21 Pushing to Finish
  • 22 At Last-the Book!
  • Epilogue Epilogue

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