If You Lived in Colonial Times

by Ann McGovern Author

(from the back cover) This book tells you what it was like to live in the New England colonies during the years 1565 to 1776.


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1st - 5th
Geographical Setting
American Colonies
Historical Setting
1565 - 1776
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  • 1 When were colonial times?
  • 2 What did colonial people look like?
  • 3 Where did people buy their clothes?
  • 4 Was there a special time for making clothes?
  • 5 How did they wear there hair?
  • 6 What did people eat?
  • 7 Did children have to worry about table manners?
  • 8 Did children go to school?
  • 9 Did they have schoolbooks?
  • 10 Who learned more--girls or boys?
  • 11 What were the schools like?
  • 12 What happened if you didn't behave in school?
  • 13 What books did children read?
  • 14 What happened if you were sick?
  • 15 What kind of medicines did people use?
  • 16 Were there doctors in colonial days?
  • 17 What happened if you went out at night?
  • 18 What did people do on Sunday?
  • 19 What happened if you fell asleep in the meetinghouse?
  • 20 Where did people eat on Sunday?
  • 21 What laws did people have to obey?
  • 22 What were the special Sunday laws?
  • 23 Who made all these laws?
  • 24 Could everyone vote in colonial days?
  • 25 What happened to people who broke the laws?
  • 26 What did colonial houses look like?
  • 27 How many rooms did a colonial house have?
  • 28 Did big families live in big houses?
  • 29 What did the furniture look like?
  • 30 What did people sleep on?
  • 31 Where did people hang their clothes?
  • 32 Where did people take baths?
  • 33 Did people work hard in colonial days?
  • 34 When did boys and girls work?
  • 35 Did children have any time to play?
  • 36 What games did boys like?
  • 37 What did girls like to do?
  • 38 Were there special days just for fun?
  • 39 Were there special laws about fun?
  • 40 Did people travel much in colonial days?
  • 41 How did people get across water?
  • 42 How did people travel when there was snow on the ground?
  • 43 How did two men travel when they had only one horse?
  • 44 How did people get the news?
  • 45 How would you write a letter in colonial days?
  • 46 What would you use for a pen and ink and envelope?
  • 47 How would you send your letter?
  • 48 How long did it take to deliver a letter?
  • 49 When did the mail service get better?
  • 50 Who were the workers in a colonial town?
  • 51 What was the busiest part of a New England town?
  • 52 Who built the ships in New England

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