With the Master in the School of Tested Faith

by Susan J. Heck Author

(From Amazon): Are you a woman who hungers for a careful exploration of the meaning of Scripture? Do you long to see the Word illustrated in your own life and discuss it with other women in a small group setting that is transparent and accountable to applying the Bible? Susan Heck launches her With the Master Ladies Bible Study Series with her first book, With the Master in the School of Tested Faith, a study on the Epistle of James including a study guide. With the Master in the School of Tested Faith isn t for the faint-hearted who want their emotions tickled with sappy illustrations, but for thinking women who want to square off with the curriculum of real life in the school of Christ.


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In Print
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10th - 12th
Tate Publishing


  • 1 Counting Trials with Joy
  • 2 Say Yes to Wisdom
  • 3 Rich Man, Poor Man
  • 4 Temptations
  • 5 The Greatest Gift
  • 6 How to Respond
  • 7 Hear, Do, and be Blessed
  • 8 The Test of True Religion
  • 9 Test of Brotherly Love
  • 10 Fulfilling the Royal Law
  • 11 Test of Good Works
  • 12 Abraham and Rahab
  • 13 Danger of the Tongue
  • 14 Gaining Victory
  • 15 Wisdom
  • 16 Wars and Worldliness
  • 17 The Remedy for Worldliness
  • 18 The Danger of Slander
  • 19 To Plan?
  • 20 Warnings to the Rich
  • 21 The Patience of Job
  • 22 Being a Woman of Your Word
  • 23 Becoming a Woman of Prayer
  • 24 A Call to Salvation

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