The Child's Story of Our Country 1800 - 1920

by Charles Morris Author

Select chapters from Charles Morris book "The Child's Story of Our Country"


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  • 17a The Power of Steam
  • 17b Who Thought of the First Steamboat
  • 17c The Cotton Gin and How it Saves Labor
  • 18a How We Came to Quarrel with England
  • 18b Protecting the American Sailor
  • 18c Interesting Land Battles
  • 18d Adventures at Sea
  • 18e Peace is Made Again
  • 19a How General Santa Anna Got Into Trouble
  • 19b Massacre of the Alamo
  • 19c War with Mexico
  • 19d Santa Anna is Defeated and United States is Victorious
  • 20a Black and White Slaves
  • 20b Why the Slaves were Used in the South
  • 20c Why the North did not Believe in Slavery
  • 20d John Brown and Harper's Ferry
  • 21a The President Chosen from the People
  • 21b The North and South Differ
  • 21c Lincoln, the Great War President
  • 22a What Civil War is and Where the War was Fought
  • 22b Battle of Bull Run
  • 22c "Stonewall" Jackson
  • 22d Chancellorsville
  • 22e Battle of Gettysburg
  • 22f General Ulysses S. Grant and How He Came to Command the Army
  • 22g More Battles
  • 23a Fight Between the "Cheesebox" and the Ram
  • 23b How the Monitor Won the Fight
  • 23c The Alabama
  • 23d The Battle "Above the Clouds"
  • 23e Battle of the Wilderness
  • 23f Sherman's March to the Sea
  • 23g Richmond Surrenders and the War Closes
  • 24a What is Seen on the Picture of History
  • 24b A Reign of Peace in America
  • 24c The Ocean Cable and the Railroad
  • 24d The Burning of Chicago and other Disasters
  • 24e Edison and His Work
  • 24f The Triumps of Electricity
  • 25a Professor Morse, the Famous Inventor
  • 25b His Struggles and His Success
  • 25c Telephone and Other Inventions of Electricity
  • 25d New Ideas in Machinery and the Comfort they Bring
  • 26a The Nation's Birthplace
  • 26b Centennial Exhibition and Columbian World's Fair
  • 26c Our People's Progress
  • 26d The Indians
  • 26e Trouble in Cuba
  • 26f War with Spain
  • 26g Dewey of Manila
  • 26h Wide Spread Over the Seas

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