Following Christ: Book 6 (Faith and Life Series)

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(From Amazon): The student textbook lessons incorporate the four principal components of catechesis: the Creed, the Commandments, the Sacraments and Liturgy, Prayer and Scripture. But besides giving a clear and comprehensive presentation of our faith, the student textbook is rich in artwork, both original and classical. Theme: The blueprint for a life of love: the law of God, especially in the Ten Commandments, and the presence of Jesus in the Holy Mass. The interaction of the challenges of God s law and his gifts of grace that help us fulfill his law. Sequence: Part 1: The Ten Commandments. Forming the conscience and increasing closeness to God. Part 2: The Holy Mass. An emphasis on the Real Presence and Christ s sacrifice and explanation of the parts of the Mass. Part 3: The Last Things. Death and God s judgment of us, with an emphasis on the great happiness of Heaven. Aim: To help the sixth grade student learn to love the law as Christ did and to cherish and love the Mass as our best prayer to God, and especially to revere and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Recommended in Kolbe Academy Grade 6, Catholic Heritage Grade 6 Format: 142 pages, paperback Publisher: Ignatius Press ISBN: 0-89870-909-1


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  • 1 God Gives Us the Law
  • 2 The 1st Commandment in Our Own Day
  • 3 Prayer - Hidden Treasure
  • 4 Saints - They Made the Most of It
  • 5 The Holy Name
  • 6 The Lord's Day
  • 7 The Cross and True Riches
  • 8 In the Heart of the Family
  • 9 Citizenship - Rights and Duties
  • 10 Church Authority - Our Father in Faith
  • 11 Respect Life
  • 12 Charity toward All
  • 13 The Sacred Flame
  • 14 Ownership
  • 15 Backed by Truth
  • 16 The Beatitudes
  • 17 At the Last Supper
  • 18 The Living Sacrifice
  • 19 The Feast of God
  • 20 Promise and Fulfillment
  • 21 New Life
  • 22 Come into the Lord's Presence Singing for Joy
  • 23 Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening
  • 24 Lift Up the Cup of Salvation
  • 25 Come to the Table of the Lord
  • 26 Preparing Our Hearts for Jesus
  • 27 Come Lord Jesus
  • 28 His Abiding Presence
  • 29 Passage into Eternity
  • 30 Heaven - Purgatory - Hell
  • 31 He Shall Come Again
  • 32 Angels We Have Hear on High
  • 35

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