Galileo's Daughter [SCM]

by Dava Sobel Author

A biography of Galileo and his equally-brilliant daughter, Maria Celeste.


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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
7th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1564 - 1737
Walker Publishing


  • 1 She who was so precious to you
  • 2 This grand book the universe
  • 3 Bright stars speak of your virtues
  • 4 To have the truth seen and recognized
  • 5 In the very face of the sun
  • 6 Observant executrix of God's commands
  • 7 The malice of my persecutors
  • 8 Conjecture here among shadows
  • 9 How our father is favored
  • 10 To busy myself in your service
  • 11 What we require above all else
  • 12 Because of our zeal
  • 13 Through my memory of their eloquence
  • 14 A small and trifling body
  • 15 On the right path, by the grace of God
  • 16 The tempest of our many torments
  • 17 While seeking to immortalize your fame
  • 18 Since the Lord chastises us with these whips
  • 19 The hope of having you always near
  • 20 That I should be begged to publish such a work
  • 21 How anxiously I live, awaiting word from you
  • 22 In the chambers of the Holy Office of the Inquisition
  • 23 Vainglorious ambition, pure ignorance, and inadvertence
  • 24 Faith vested in the miraculous Madonna of Impruneta
  • 25 Judgment passed on your book and your person
  • 26 Not knowing how to refuse him the keys
  • 27 Terrible destruction on the feast of San Lorenzo
  • 28 Recitation of the penitential psalms
  • 29 The book of life, or A prophet accepted in his own land
  • 30 My soul and its longing
  • 31 Until I have this from your lips
  • 32 As I struggle to understand
  • 33 The memory of the sweetnesses

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