Gulliver's Travels [SCM]

by Jonathan Swift Author

Gulliver's adventures among creatures of various sizes and shapes.

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7th - 12th
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  • 1:1 The Author gives some account of himself and family.
  • 1:2 The Emperor of Lilliput, attended by several of the nobility, come to see the Author in his confinement.
  • 1:3 The Author diverts the Emperor and his nobility of both sexes, in a very uncommon manner.
  • 1:4 Mildendo the metropolis of Lilliput described, together with the Emperor's palace.
  • 1:5 The Author, by an extraordinary strategem, prevents an invasion.
  • 1:6 Of the inhabitants of Lilliput.
  • 1:7 The Author, being informed of a design to accuse him of high treason, makes his escape to Blefuscu.
  • 1:8 The Author, by a lucky accident, finds means to leave Blefuscu.
  • 2:1 A great storm described.
  • 2:2 A description of the farmer's daughter.
  • 2:3 The Author sent for to Court.
  • 2:4 The country described.
  • 2:5 Several adventures that happened to the Author.
  • 2:6 Several contrivances of the Author to please the King and Queen.
  • 2:7 The Author's love of his country.
  • 2:8 The King and Queen make a progress to the frontiers.
  • 3:1 The Author sets out on his third voyage, is taken by pirates.
  • 3:2 The humors and dispositions of the Laputtans described.
  • 3:3 A phenomenon solved by modern philosophy and astronomy.
  • 3:4 The Author leaves Laputa.
  • 3:5 The Author permitted to see the Grand Academy of Lagado.
  • 3:6 A further account of the Academy.
  • 3:7 The Author leaves Lagado, arrives at Maldonada.
  • 3:8 A further account of Glubbdubdrib.
  • 3:9 The Author returns to Maldonada.
  • 3:10 The Luggnaggians commended.
  • 3:11 The Author leaves Luggnagg, and sails to Japan.
  • 4:1 The Author sets out as Captain of a ship.
  • 4:2 The Author conducted by a Houyhnhnm to his house.
  • 4:3 The Author studious to learn the language.
  • 4:4 The Houyhnhnms' notion of truth and falsehood.
  • 4:5 The Author, at his master's command, informs him of the state of England.
  • 4:6 A continuation of the state of England under Queen Anne.
  • 4:7 The Author's great love of his native country.
  • 4:8 The Author relates several particulars of the Yahoos.
  • 4:9 A grand debate at the general assembly of the Houyhnhnms.
  • 4:10 The Author's economy, and happy life among the Houyhnhnms.
  • 4:11 The Author's dangerous voyage.
  • 4:12 The Author's veracity.

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