The Book of Indians

From the Foreword: "No writer can tell all about the North American Indians in one book, and no artist can draw all the pictures there are to draw. The tribes of Indians are so many that if we tried to tell abou them tribes everyone would be hopeless lost. Insead we take the Indians as a whole and divide them into different types of Indians living in the different kinds of country. This is explained in the first chapter. In the rest of the book there are four chapters about the home life of Indian children and eight chapters relating their adventures."

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2nd - 4th
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North America
The Platt & Munk Co

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  • 1 Something About Indians
  • 2 People of the Forests and Lakes
  • 3 Otter-Tail Goes Hunting
  • 4 Flying Squirrel Gathers Bulrushes
  • 5 People of the Plains
  • 6 Buffalo-Calf and the Great Herd
  • 7 In the Days of Rides-Away-Tinkling
  • 8 People of the Deserts and Mesas
  • 9 Little Turtle and the Cliff Dwellers
  • 10 What Corn-Flower Found
  • 11 People of the Rivers and the Sea
  • 12 Raven and Whale-Tooth Hunt a Whale
  • 13 Cedar-Bough's Bargain

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