Draw Write Now, Book 2: Christopher Columbus, Autumn Harvest, Weather (Draw-Write-Now)

by Marie Hablitzel Author

(From Amazon): Beginning drawing and writing lessons for children ages five to ten. BOOK 2 focuses on Christopher Columbus, harvest time and the weather. The books are simple enough for a young child to do independently, but a teacher or parent may present the lessons. Each drawing lesson includes a colorful picture and step-by-step instructions, while the writing lesson includes four simple handwritten sentences. The teacher or parent may introduce letter formation or have the children copy the sentences for handwriting practice, or use the lessons as a springboard for creative writing or report writing. Developed by an elementary school teacher and co-authored by her daughter. A brief list of the 21 lessons in the book includes: The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, a map of the Western Hemisphere, pine cone, owl, squirrel, pumpkin, plane in the clouds, and sledding in the snow.


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  • 1 Columbus
  • 2 Sailing West
  • 3 The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
  • 4 Reaching Land
  • 5 The People
  • 6 Draw What You See
  • 7 Apples
  • 8 Grapes
  • 9 Squirrel
  • 10 Owl
  • 11 Geese
  • 12 Pumpkin
  • 13 Scarecrow
  • 14 Deciduous Tree
  • 15 Leaves and Seeds
  • 16 Evergreen Tree
  • 17 Needles and Cones
  • 18 Draw Your World
  • 19 Plane in the Clouds
  • 20 Truck in the Rain
  • 21 Sledding in the Snow
  • 22 Car in the Fog
  • 23 Sailboat in the Wind
  • 24 Draw From Your Imagination

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