First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Level 1 (Second Edition) (First Language Lessons)

by Jessie Wise Author

(From Amazon): A complete beginning grammar text that uses copywork, narration, picture study, and other classical techniques to develop the young student’s language ability.Scripted lessons give the teacher direction and confidence, while exquisite pencil reproductions of great paintings are used to encourage children in oral composition. Originally published as a single two-year volume, Level 1 (Grade 1, this book) and Level 2 (Grade 2, available separately) have been redesigned as two separate simple-to-use one-year programs. Grade Recommendation: Grade 1. Black-and-white illustrations


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Suggested Grades
1st - 1st
Peace Hill Press
Second Edition


  • 1 Introducing common nouns
  • 2 Introducing poem memorization "The Caterpillar"
  • 3 Common nouns (Family relationships); Poem Review "The Caterpillar"
  • 4 Proper nouns (first names); Poem Review "The Caterpillar"
  • 5 Introducing story narration "The Rabbit and the Turtle"
  • 6 Proper nouns (first names); Poem Review "The Caterpillar"
  • 7 Common and proper nouns
  • 8 Common and proper nouns; Poem review "The Caterpillar"
  • 9 Introducing picture narration "Children Playing on the Beach"
  • 10 Proper nouns (Writing student's proper name); Poem Review "The Caterpillar"
  • 11 Proper nouns (Writing first names)
  • 12 Story narration "The Lion and the Mouse"
  • 13 Proper nouns (Family names); Poem review "The Caterpillar"
  • 14 Proper nouns (Middle names)
  • 15 Poem memorization "Work"
  • 16 Proper nouns (Full names); Poem Review "Work"
  • 17 Common nouns (Names of places); Poem Review "Work"
  • 18 Proper nouns (Places: your city and state); Poem Review "The Caterpillar" and "Work"
  • 19 Proper nouns (Places); Poem Review "Work"
  • 20 Proper nouns (States)
  • 21 Proper nouns ( Your address); Poem Review "The Caterpillar" and "Work"
  • 22 Story narration "The Little Girl Who Wanted to Be Dirty"
  • 23 Common nouns (Things)
  • 24 Picture narration "The Family"
  • 25 Proper nouns (Aunts and uncles); Introducing oral usage "Avoiding 'ain't"; Poem review "The Caterpillar" and "Work"
  • 26 Proper nouns (Cousins); Poem review "The Caterpillar" and "Work"
  • 27 Poem memorization "Hearts are Like Doors"
  • 28 Common and proper nouns (Family relationships and places)
  • 29 Proper nouns (Your addres and ZIP code); Poem review "Hearts are Like Doors"
  • 30 Common and proper nouns
  • 31 Common nouns (Living things); Oral usage: "Was/Were"; Poem review "Hearts are Like Doors"
  • 32 Common and proper nouns (Family relationships and living things)
  • 33 Picture narration "Master Bedroom"
  • 34 Proper nouns (Days of the week); Poem review "The Caterpillar", "Work", "Hearts are Like Doors"
  • 35 Poem memorization "Days of the Week"; Common and proper nouns; Poem review "Hearts are Like Doors"
  • 36 Story narration "The Hen and the Golden Eggs"; Poem review "Hearts are Like Doors" and "Days of the Week"
  • 37 Nouns (Identifying nouns in a story); Poem review "Hearts are Like Doors" and "Days of the Week"
  • 38 Proper nouns (Days of the week)
  • 39 Addresses; Common and proper nouns (Aunt and uncles); Poem review "The Caterpillar" and "Days of the Week"
  • 40 Proper nouns (Months of the year); Oral usage: "See/Saw/Seen"; Poem review "Days of the Week"
  • 41 Proper nouns (Months of the year); Poem review "Days of the Week"
  • 42 Introducing copywork sentences: "My name"
  • 43 Poem memorization "The Months"; Copywork "My birthday"
  • 44 Nouns (Ideas); Copywork "Love"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 45 Noun review; Copywork "Four types of nouns"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 46 Introducing pronouns, (I, me, my, mine); Oral usage: "Ordering 'I' and 'me'"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 47 Pronouns (You, your, yours); Copywork "Pronoun list 1"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 48 Pronouns (He, she, him, her, it, his hers, its); Copywork "Pronoun list 2"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 49 Pronouns (We, us, our, ours); Copywork "Pronoun list 3"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 50 Pronouns (They, them, their, theirs); Copywork "Pronoun list 4"
  • 51 Story narration "The Bundle of Sticks"
  • 52 Introducing verbs (Action verbs); Poem review "Work"
  • 53 Pronouns; Action verbs; Copywork "Label nouns and verbs 1"
  • 54 Telephone numbers; Addresses; Poem review "Hearts are Like Doors"
  • 55 Nouns; Pronouns; Action verbs; Copywork "Label nouns and verbs 2"
  • 56 Picture narration "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"
  • 57 Cumulative poem review
  • 58 Pronouns; Action verbs; Action Poem "Dancing", Copywork "Dancing"
  • 59 Days of the week; Action verbs; Copywork "Days of the Week"
  • 60 Introducing initials; Copywork "My initials"; Oral usage "Pronouns"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 61 Initials; Identifying pronouns in a story; Oral usage: "It is I"
  • 62 Story narration "The Crow and the Pitcher"
  • 63 Days of the week; Months of the year
  • 64 Introducing seasons (Winter); Copywork "Winter"; Oral usage "It was I"
  • 65 Introducing abbreviations
  • 66 Initials; Abbreviations; Copywork "Winter abbreviations"
  • 67 Seasons (Spring); Noun review; Copywork "Spring"
  • 68 Action verbs; Oral usage "Was/Were"
  • 69 Pronouns; Seasons (Summer); Copywork "Summer"
  • 70 Seasons (Fall); Copywork "Fall"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 71 Seasons; Holidays
  • 72 Pronons (Capitalization of "I"); Copywork "Using I"; Oral usage "Sit/Set"
  • 73 Oral composition "A Story about Me"
  • 74 Story poem narration "The Three Little Kittens"
  • 75 Nouns, verbs, and pronouns in "The Three Little Kittens"; Copywork "The Kittens"; Poem review "The Months"
  • 76 Initials; Months of the year; Days of the week; Pronouns; Copywork "Days of the Week"
  • 77 Abbreviations (Addresses)
  • 78 Introducing titles of respect; Copywork "Titles of Respect"
  • 79 Titles of respect; Poem review "The Caterpillar"
  • 80 Cumulative poem review
  • 81 Poem memorization "Mr. Nobody"
  • 82 Capitalization in poetry; Copywork "Mr. Nobody"; Poem practice stanza one of "Mr. Nobody"
  • 83 Pronouns; Oral usage : "Is/Are"; Poem practice stanza one of "Mr. Nobody"
  • 84 Oral composition "Mr. Nobody at Our House"; Copywork "Mr. Nobody at Our House"; Poem practice "Mr. Nobody"
  • 85 Abbreviations; Initials and addresses; Poem practice stanzas one and two of "Mr. Nobody"
  • 86 Capitalization and punctuation in poetry; Copywork "The Star"; Poem practice stanzas one and two of "Mr. Nobody"
  • 87 Story narration "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"; Poem practice "Mr. Nobody"
  • 88 Introducing writing dates; Copywork "Writing dates"; Poem review "Mr. Nobody"
  • 89 Dates; Poem review "Mr. Nobody"
  • 90 Seasons; Use of "I"; Copywork "In the spring I..."; Poem review "Mr. Nobody"
  • 91 Story-poem narration "Sunflowers"; Poem review "Hearts Are Like Doors"
  • 92 Introducing sentences; Copywork "Practice makes perfect"; Poem review "Mr. Nobody"
  • 93 Introducing sentence type 1: Statements
  • 94 Introducing sentence type 2: Commands; Copywork "Fried octopus"; Poem review "Days of the Week"
  • 95 Introducing sentence type 3: Questions; Copywork "Smaller than an elephant"
  • 96 Introducing sentence type 4: Exclamations; Copywork "The pig is radiant!"
  • 97 Four types of sentences
  • 98 Nouns; Types of sentences; Verbs
  • 99 Cumulative poem review
  • 100 Identifying sentences in "The Goops"
  • 101 Final Grammar Review

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